Kim Long Phat Corporation and Vision Water making a strong impression at annual international exhibitions

In an unwavering journey of expansion and sustainable direction, the Kim Long Phat Corporation has left a significant mark at annual international exhibition events with its pinnacle product – the Vision Water water filtration system. This article will take you through our journey at the 2021 and 2022 Vietbuild International Construction Exhibitions, where we not only introduced our product but also created enduring impressions in the hearts of customers and the international community.


In 2021, we enthusiastically participated in the massive 2021 Vietbuild International Construction Exhibition, featuring a colossal scale of 1800 booths from domestic and foreign businesses. We showcased the VISION WATER product, a breakthrough solution in providing clean and safe water for construction projects. At this exhibition, we had the opportunity to connect with colleagues in the construction industry, present the outstanding advantages of VISION WATER, and make an impact through the innovation and efficiency of our product. 


With the goal of continued participation and showcasing ongoing development, in 2022, we decided to join the 2022 Vietbuild International Construction Exhibition . This time, with over 1000 participating booths and the presence of numerous international brands, the exhibition provided a perfect platform for us to share the superior benefits of Vision Water with the international community. Our presence garnered significant attention from construction and architectural businesses, as well as those interested in improving the quality of life through clean water.

But more importantly, participating in international exhibition events is not limited to product introduction; it opens up opportunities for interaction, learning, and sharing experiences with leading experts in the construction and architectural industries. This helps us continuously refine and develop our product to meet all needs and aim towards a sustainable future.

Emphasizing the impressive presence of the Kim Long Phat Corporation alongside Vision Water at annual international exhibitions, we not only reaffirm our credibility but also commit to actively contributing to the development of the international construction and architectural sector. For more information about the VISION WATER product and upcoming exhibition events, please visit our website or contact us today.

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