Renowned singer & songwriter Ngoc Son sharing his experience upon using the Hydrogen-rich water & gas generator Lourdes Hydrofix Superior Edition

Ngoc Son was born on 26th November 1968, is one of Vietnam’s famous singers and songwriters and is also known as Michael Ngoc Son, he is knownw for composing many famous songs such as Vang trang co don, Tinh cha, TInh me, Long me 2, Tinh phu tu, Tinh mau tu, Loi to tinh de thuong

Kim Long Phat is honored to be visited by the renowned singer & songwriter Ngoc Son, upon which he also experiences many product lines at the showroom, Ngoc Son says that:

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To always maintain my health, youthful vitality, and good singing voice, I always have my own separate secrets. I must constantly battle with myself to not succumb to the temptations of society that would weaken my health. The Japanese water and hydrogen-rich gas generator is very reliable. For me, the Lourdes Hydrofix Superior Edition is a magnificent product, and in my opinion, prioritizing sleep is paramount. With health, I have everything.The Lourdes Hydrofix Superior Edition has helped me enhance my health, improve my sleep, and elevate my physical performance. Additionally, hydrogen has assisted me in staying away from diseases such as cardiovascular issues, diabetes, high blood pressure, and even Gout. Recently, hydrogen has also shown its effectiveness in supporting Covid-19 treatment. I hold the water quality provided by the Lourdes Hydrofix Superior Edition in very high regard.


Kim Long Phát also expresses gratitude to the Renowned Singer and Musician Ngọc Sơn for his sincere sharing. Kim Long Phát also hopes to bring even more value to consumers.