Football player Do Duy Manh – Vietnam National Footbal team visits Kim Long Phat’s agent showroom Treasure Life in Ha Noi

During a visit to the Treasure Life distributor of Kim Long Phat in Hanoi, the leadership team of Kim Long Phat along with representatives from H2Factory in Japan were delighted to welcome Do Duy Manh, a player from the Vietnamese men’s national football team.

If you are a devoted fan and admirer of the Vietnamese national team, you surely cannot overlook the standout figure with a handsome appearance, Do Duy Manh. Through his experiences, Duy Manh also shared insights with reporters about the benefits of hydrogen and his choices of water sources for himself and his teammates.



Mr. Do Duy Manh shared: As an athlete representing the Vietnamese national team, especially in the field of football, I am highly concerned about the water source that can keep me in the best condition and deliver peak athletic performance. Knowing that Kim Long Phat’s hydrogen-rich water at the Treasure Life distributor is a beneficial water source that eliminates harmful substances and supports athletic performance, there’s no reason to decline it. Therefore, I choose the hydrogen water and gas generator to accompany me in my career with the Vietnamese national team.

The leadership teams of Kim Long Phat and H2Factory are honored and delighted to receive Mr. Do Duy Manh’s insights and aspire to be the leading provider of drinking water for all training and working facilities of the Vietnamese national team.