Dr.Tien – Eye Specialist, Saigon International Clinic – experiences using Hydrogen Inhalation therapy from the Lourdes Hydrofix Superior Edition Hydrogen water & gas generator product of Kim Long Phat Company

The 10th HCMC Nutrition Conference took place with more than 300 prestigious experts and doctors both at home and abroad. With the theme “Nutrition intervention” to balance nutrition in the body, improve resistance, and support human health after Covid – 19.

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Kim Long Phat was honored to welcome Doctor Tien – Ophthalmologist – Ho Chi Minh City International General Hospital to visit and experience Kim Long Phat’s product lines of hydrogen-rich water and gas generators.

Specifically, Doctor Tien has experienced the source of drinking water made from the Lourdes Hydrofix Superior Edition and the Hydrogen-rich inhalation therapy.