Doctor Huong from Ho Chi Minh City Children’s Hospital visited the booth of Kim Long Phat Group at the 10th Vietnam Nutrition Expo to learn about the hydrogen water and gas generator products.

On July 30, 2022, Kim Long Phat Group had the honor of receiving the interest and visit of Dr. Huong from Ho Chi Minh City Children’s Hospital. She came to explore and experience the products of Kim Long Phat at the booth within the 10th Expanded Ho Chi Minh City Nutrition Conference.

As a member of Ho Chi Minh City Children’s Hospital, Dr. Huong places great importance on safe, protective, and health-improving products for users, especially for young children and the future generation.

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Ms. Pham Bui Cam Doan, the Chief Commercial Officer of Kim Long Phat, shares: The hydrogen-rich water produced by the Lourdes Hydrofix Superior Edition and Bambi machines is safe for health, non-toxic, and does not cause side effects. Furthermore, hydrogen-rich water and gas not only assist but also improve various diseases, especially Covid-19.

Through the experience process, Dr. Huong also provided positive feedback on Kim Long Phat’s products, praising their stable and health-beneficial parameters.