Manage my softener cloud base app

Manage My Softener is a cloud-based application that allows you as a customer and as an installer to monitor your water softener remotely. Your ‘Manage My Softener’ App (Apple & Android) links your water softener to the WIFI network at home in just a few steps. As soon as the connection is set up, you can see your consumption, the status of your device and new maintenance messages.

Anywhere, anytime.

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Working together with your installer becomes a lot easier. Do you have a question? Want to order salt or schedule maintenance? Contacting your supplier is just a click away. With your permission, your installer can also log in to the diagnostic data of your appliance, view the settings and give you advice.

Manage My Softener? 

The smartest way to carefree water.





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Manage My Softener is a smart application that allows you to check the status of your softener at any time of the day. The intuitive Bluetooth pairing of the app connects your softener in a simple way to the Wifi network at home. The app sends you push notifications of salt messages and maintenance info.

At a glance you get an overview of your water consumption and all the important parameters that ensure soft water at home. Do you prefer to leave bringing your device online to the installer? The App allows your installer to set up the Wi-Fi connection at your home.Kim Long Phat DT MMS 08.09.2023


As an installer, Manage My Softener is the ideal solution to provide maximum peace of mind for the end user. With the approval of the customer, you get access to the installation through the platform. This gives you a detailed view of the status and programmed settings of each installed softener in the field. If a problem arises, the platform gives you an immediate answer. Manage My Softener allows you to remotely start a regeneration, adjust important settings, view maintenance notifications or receive salt orders. 

On every level, we dare to say: Manage My Softener is the smartest way to carefree water !





With ‘Manage My Softener’ you have access to the status of each water softener at all times. View current and historical usage data, check current settings, consult contact information,… You as an installer can restart and reset the valve from a distance. You can go through the settings in detail and monitor the system accurately. Manage My Softener gives you the possibility to offer your customer the full service and comfort of carefree water.

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The dashboard gives you an immediate overview of the online devices, the number of customers, errors that occurred and the necessary salt refill

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See the current and historical data of a water softener thanks to the intuitive graphs. You get insight per day, per week, per month & per year.

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Check the status of your salt and dive into the device settings. The Manage My Softener platform is your assurance of seamless operation.

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The intuitive Bluetooth pairing of  our app connects your softener to your home Wi-Fi network in a very simple way.

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Receive notifications or order salt  for your softener with a single click.

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Contact your installer easily. As a water professional, you have a one-click view of all your installed softeners and customers.


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